Two Months Away!

27 03 2010

The weather has finally been nice here in upstate New York which means it is time to get on the bike and ready for this summer.  Each of us has been out a couple of times on our bikes.  I already had one adventure on my first ride.  I was only 5 miles away when I got a flat tire.  The thing that made it worse is that I didn’t have a patch kit.  I ended up going to a sweet old ladies house to ask if I could leave my bike there so that I could run back and get my car.  After fixing my bike tire I got out again the next day and had an actual bike ride.  It was only 16 miles but it’s a start. 

The other day on my bike ride I thought about our amazing trip ahead of us this summer and more memories of Eric.  One memory that I thought of is a story Eric told me that I think he made up, but I am not completely sure.  He was biking out in Charlton New York where he said he was going down a huge hill at about 40 miles/hr when the speed limit was only 30 miles/hr.  He said he got pulled over by a cop for speeding.  When the cop came up to him he pretended to roll down a window.  I am pretty sure this never happened but when I biked by a cop today it made me think of him and it just made me smile.  He had a great imagination with everything which made spending time with him so much fun.  So please if anyone has any great memories of Eric, which I know are endless, send us an email so we can post them.  He was a great individual that will be never be forgotten; his memory will live on.

Hopefully we will be posting more often to letting you know what is going on because we really only have 2 months before we head off on our journey.

We have been receiving many donations which you can see or contribute to on  This is so encouraging and we couldn’t be more thankful!   If anyone has any ideas of how we can raise more money feel free to send us an email at

With love,




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