Inspiration Family

30 05 2010

Within the past week, we were getting closer to reaching our goal of $10,000. A very special family was the donors who helped us exceed our goal. The Zagorda’s have been our underlying support throughout are whole journey from brain storming to actually succeeding. Mr. Zagorda said he was waiting to contribute to our fundraising efforts until they could be the ones to help us surpass our goal. We couldn’t be more grateful that they were the ones to do this.

Despite our endless amounts of packing, we made it a point to visit the Zagorda’s the night before we left. It is always a fun time when everyone gathers at their house to catch up. At one point Mr. Zagorda emphasized that two years ago he thought the bike journey was a great idea but had it in the back of his head that it wouldn’t work out. He couldn’t be more amazed that everything came together and we are able to undergo this trip. This acknowledgment of our efforts was followed by a light hearted joke that he needs to get into shape to join us for the end of the bike trip; Burnt Hills to Boston. This visit gave us of the jolt of energy needed to carry us forward.

Enjoy all the day has to offer,

Brittany, Colin, Alex, & Joe

Visiting the Zagordas




One response

30 05 2010
Kevin Zagorda

The picture came out great, Britt! Everyone’s eyes were open! Nice job for your first attempt with the timer on the new camera.

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