Ready, Set, GO!

30 05 2010

With the car packed, we began to say our goodbyes at 6 am in the morning. Before we were able to even leave the drive way, the trip was delayed. Joe couldn’t find his wallet. In the end we weren’t delayed very long but it was a funny way to start the trip. We then departed at 6:30am and began to settle in for the long drive ahead of us. After roughly 16 hours of driving we arrived at Alex’s aunt and uncle’s house in St. Louis, Missouri at around 10:00pm.

Our gracious hosts made us a filling breakfast, before we left at 6:30am. Today’s drive was relatively flat and straight until reaching the gorgeous, snow covered mountains of Colorado. This made for a long 17 hour day of driving. We are yet again grateful to have another home to stay at with a different aunt and uncle of Alex’s in Austin, Colorado.

The long days of driving haven’t been as grueling as they sound as we have four drivers to shoulder the load. Switching drivers every four hours or so gives us the opportunity to stretch our legs and get gas before pressing onward. The final day of driving should be our shortest, but still will be close to 16 hours. We plan to spend Memorial Day in San Francisco seeing the city before we officially start the biking leg of the trip on Tuesday morning. Stay posted for more beautiful pictures of the west and stories of our progress!

Stay tuned,
Joe, Colin, Brittany & Alex

About to Depart

Colorado while driving




6 responses

31 05 2010
Jean Smith

Good luck and God bless! I have relatives in southern Indiana if you need a place to flop. Also in Cincinnati.

1 06 2010
Shannon Breslin

I’m soo excited for you guys! I’m glad you made it through the drive safely and I hope the first day of biking went well!!

1 06 2010
Terry Bergman

You kids are a dazzling example of all that is so great about the next generation! Inspiring and Touching, indeed! Have a safe trip.

1 06 2010
Megan O

I’m so proud of you all. I wish you nothing but the best. Be safe and continue to keep us updated. You words and stories are very powerful.

Best wishes,

1 06 2010
marion utz

Its wonderful what you all are doing. You are reaching a lot of people this way.
take care have lots of fun! Marion

8 06 2010
cheryl reagan

Collin, just wanted to say this is awsome on what your doing. congradulations on you and brittney engagement. your mom told me about it today. she is so proud of you…it melted my heart that you took Emma’s little dog…With the help of Melissa’s shared E-mails the office has been following her since it all began.
I have been reading all that has been written and it warms my heart.

Cheryl Reagan
Glenville healthcare ctr……

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