Remembrance of another friend

30 05 2010

Another individual that I am going to be thinking about along our journey is Shawn Walsh. The story of Shawn Walsh and his leukemia started one night at a basketball game, the sport he loved more than anything. During the game he wasn’t feeling well and even the coach knew there was something wrong because he didn’t play very well. The next day things got worse and worse and they had to admit him to the hospital. They found out he had Leukemia. No longer then two weeks later Shawn Walsh lost his battle with Leukemia. He passed away on March 15, 2005.

This past Sunday the 23rd, I was honored to have breakfast with Steve Walsh. He has been dealing with the loss of his middle child, Shawn Walsh for five years now. I knew Shawn Walsh from basketball and we were in various classes throughout middle school and high school. He just like Eric was an amazing individual that was bound to change the world one person at a time. Shawn was probably the nicest and caring kid I knew in high school. He was friends with everyone and he always had a smile that would leave you smiling after seeing or talking to him. Like I told Steve at breakfast, kids are only like this because of amazing parenting. Shawn inspired me to not be judgmental, to care so much for others and always have a smile no matter what happens and so many other ways.

Going to breakfast I was a little nervous because I hadn’t talked to Steve since around the time Shawn passed away. I recently sent him a letter telling him what our plan was for this summer and that I am going to be doing it in Shawn’s memory as well. As soon as I got there and sat down we started talking and we didn’t stop for two hours. Throughout the talk I truly learned how tough it has been since they have lost one of their kids. Looking into his eyes I could tell that sitting there talking about Shawn five years later was hard. After losing a kid you will never have a “normal” life again. Steve and his family have had a hard time to adjust. Sitting there listening to him tell me how hard it has been hits me hard and I try and I hold back tears for his sake.

After leaving breakfast I was even more excited about our trip because of how honored Steve and his wife were that I am doing this trip for Shawn as well. This trip has more than one meaning to me and I am excited to be honoring those who I know and those that I don’t know that suffered the disease.

Embrace every moment of life,





One response

31 05 2010
Lisa Morahan

Thank you Colin- for all the posts. I am so blessed to have had a chance to put a flicker in the torch you are all carrying, by my donation. Thank you and Godspeed!!!!
Lisa Morahan & floydwarriors

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