California here we come…

3 06 2010

By the third day the prospect of spending 17 more hours in a tightly packed car was daunting.  However, the scenic views through Colorado, Salt Lake City, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains made up for it!  While driving through Nevada, we stopped to fill up with gas.  Upon entering the full service station, it became apparent that it was way overpriced: $3.59.  We decided it would be better to wait for the next station, so Colin began pulling away when a man tapped on the window while saying, “Your tire is about to explode!”  By the time we had the van in park and were almost all out of the car he practically had the tire off.  Right from the start we knew we had met a devious character.  It quickly became apparent that his underlying goal was to sell us overpriced tires along with high priced gasoline.  When Alex asked him to put the tire back on he repeatedly said “You are fools if you get back on the road, FOOLS!”  Needless to say, the tire is fine and so are we.  Joe pulled us through the last leg of the trip, through California traffic, where we arrived safely in Berkeley!      

On Monday, we took a much needed day of rest. We awoke slowly to beautiful California sunshine and our smiling hosts, Cassie and Jess.  They quickly let us in on a delicious secret.  Their neighbors have a plum tree whose branches stretch over the landing of their staircase.  Any golden plums that fall there are up for grabs!  We went out and picked through the varying degrees of decaying plums to find ones that were edible.  With the first juicy bite we went back to find some more.  After lunch, our humble host accompanied us across the bridge to San Francisco where we spent the day in the Golden Gate Park.  At the park we walked through the rose garden, listened to music, and walked to the beach.  When the day came to an end it was time to start preparing for the biking portion of the trip which included gathering equipment, planning routes, and a good nights sleep. 

Check back to see how the guys are doing!

Until next time,

Alex, Brittany, Joe and Colin


Joe, Cassie, Alex, Colin, Brittany, and Bandit




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