And So it Begins!

4 06 2010

The group at the beach in San Francisco

Day 1:

The first few days of riding have past and we’ve already seen our share of adventure. Day one got off to a late start (about 1 pm PST) due to traffic heading in to San Francisco and some time to take pictures at the beach. At the last minute we changed our plans for the start of the ride. Initially we had planned to start from a beach north of San Francisco, but decided it would be much more exciting to start in the city at the beach next to Golden Gate park and ride across the Golden Gate Bridge to begin our journey. Needless to say the experience of riding across the bridge was incredible. The views of the city and ocean from the bridge are amazing. After crossing the bridge we continued north into beautiful wine country to finish the day in Sonoma. The total mileage for the day was 55.71 miles with an average of 14.1 mph. We camped at a very nice campground, Sugarloaf State Park Camp Ground, up in the hills about 15 miles north of Sonoma.

Day 2:

Day two began bright and clear and after driving back down into Sonoma we rode out of the hills of wine country and across the agricultural plains to Davis. The excitement for the day didn’t come until late in the ride when we witnessed a car crash into a telephone pole and spin around into the ditch. After assuring that everyone was OK (they were, save for some possible whiplash) we waited for the police to arrive since we were the only ones to witness the accident. The reason for the accident is unclear, but likely the driver wasn’t paying attention to the road. After finishing the ride we hopped in the car to head over to Alex’s Uncle’s house in Folsom to spend the night. The total mileage for the day was 70.02 with an average of 17.5 mph (A hefty tailwind helps boost the average!).

Day 3:

Day three was just as nice (and hot – mid 80s and very sunny) as Day 2, but much less exciting. Alex’s Uncle Dave joined the group for the ride from Davis back to his house in Folsom. The majority of the ride took place on the beautiful Jedediah Smith memorial trail that runs along the American River. The total mileage for the day was 41.96 miles with an average of 14.7 mph. We are staying at Alex’ Uncle Dave’s house again tonight and tomorrow we will begin the ascent in the Sierra Nevada Mountains on our way to Lake Tahoe.

Beautiful California Coast

The riders on the Golden Gate Bridge

Vineyards outside Sonoma, CA

Car crash on the way to Davis, CA




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