Speed Bump

9 06 2010

Mileage- 50.44

Average Speed – 15.4

 The climb over the Sierra Mountains is over.  We continued our venture on Tuesday when we drove back to Ham’s Station, to begin our climb at about 5,500 feet.  It was thirty miles into the ride when we finished the climb at Carson Pass at 8,574 feet.  We were grateful for the long downhill ahead of us.  According to the maps the next 10 miles of downhill would diminish into flat terrain upon entering Nevada.  Colin was really happy because from the climb his knee was hurting and he was excited to be able to coast for 10 miles or so.

 At one point only a couple of miles away from Nevada Alex and Colin reached a speed of 53mph and 48 mph, respectively, not even pedaling.  Then while approaching a stop sign and applying the brakes Alex’s bike began to fish tail as his rear tire began to swing out from behind him.  Soon after he lost control, fell and was dragged about 30 feet across the pavement.  Colin being a few feet away saw the whole thing and freaked out because he saw Alex’s head hit the cement.  Colin got off his bike and rushed over to Alex.  Alex being Alex sat up and said, “That was a good one.”  Alex was immediately brought to the Hospital in South Lake Tahoe with really bad road burn and some bruises.  

 It was when everything thought that the situation could not get any worse, when it did.  While Alex was being admitted everyone filed out of the van, closing the doors behind them.  It was once the doors were closed that we realized keys were left on the drivers seat, along with Bandit.  Of course, the spare key that we had brought along to avoid being locked out of the car was inside the vehicle as well.  Colin and Brittany then did what they could to get a hold of AAA while Joe stayed with his summer boyfriend Alex. 

 Over the time of about 2 hours the following took place:  Alex was cleaned up and received X-rays of his hip and elbow.  Fortunately, the X-rays came back negative and Alex was then bandaged up.  It was around this time that AAA finally arrived and the van was unlocked freeing Bandit from the hot van.  Not too long after this, a mummy form of Alex was released from the hospital in a fashionable gown and paper boxers.  With the exception of his bruises he seemed to be in good health, but would not be able to continue biking for a few days. 

 To end this exciting day we drove to a motel where we ordered pizza and relaxed for the rest of the night.   

Learning from our mistakes,

Alex, Brittany, Joe, and Colin

Carson Pass

Alex and Colin starting the climb - still healthy!

 To help spare worrying of loved ones, pictures of Alex’s boo boos are being delayed until the healing begins!




One response

9 06 2010
Kevin Zagorda

Oh NO!!! I’m glad everyone is OK. 53 MPH is scary fast!

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