Welcome to Nevada

11 06 2010

View from our campsite in Lahontan

Mileage – 67.56 miles

Average Speed – 21.9 mph

After a stressful day of unfortunate events we continued our journey at the scene of the crash.  After surveying the area for the pieces that Alex left behind, we continued to bike towards the city of Silver Springs.  Whether we had a map with us or not, we could definitely tell we left California as the woodsy mountains changed into the flat desert that is Nevada.  Even though we were riding on even terrain Mother Nature made sure the first 25 miles were windy enough to make up for the lack of change in elevation.  It was once we were outside Carson City that the wind diminished and allowed us to cruise through the rest of the ride.  At the end of the day we arrived at a campsite near the Lahontan Reservoir.  We were able to find a spot to set up camp on the beach!  While this location was incredibly windy the beautiful nighttime scenery made it worthwhile.

Mileage – 67.96 miles

Average Speed – 19.8 mph

It was during the night that we had been paid a visit by a pack of Coyotes.  Luckily the aroma that is Alex’s feet kept them at bay, keeping us safe through the night and into the morning.  It was during breakfast where we were able to make a new friend!  A lizard!!  Anyway, we drove back to the site where we had ended the previous days venture.  We kept biking towards Fallon where we learned that one should never ride on rumble strips as the vibrations are amplified on a tiny bike seat.  Upon arrival at Fallon we continued an additional 40 miles past to what seemed to be the middle of nowhere.  While it seemed to be mostly desert it was interesting to view the rocks that had been arranged on the side of the road to express the authors thoughts and feelings.  Such thoughts and feelings were “I love Jesus”, “S ❤ H” and “Maria”.  On top of this there was the occasional sand tornado that seemed to help decorate the scenery.  We ended the night by traveling back to the town of Fallon where we were fortunate enough to be invited to a dinner at a Methodist Church through the Lions Club.  The people there were extremely welcoming and we enjoyed a warm meal through the generosity of these people.  Afterwards we checked into our motel where we will spend the night, and in the morning watch the first game of the world cup!

There was trouble uploading the new album of pictures.  For now only 22 pictures would upload.  Enjoy what is there and check back for more!

Stay Posted!

Alex James

Joe Pericone

Brittany Trowbridge

Colin Utz-Meagher

Breakfast at the campsite

Joe, Colin, and Sadie about to leave for the days ride

Welcome to Nevada




One response

13 06 2010

While I read with trepidation about Alex’s accident I hope that overall you are all doing great and back in the saddle.

May God bless you all and proceed with caution.

Also Congratulations to Colin and Brittany….. best to you.

Use your sunscreen!

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