Continuing Through Nevada

15 06 2010

Colin biking east from Austin

Friday 11

Mileage:  38 miles

Average Speed:  12.2 

Today was a tough day.  There were 25-30 mph winds that were going straight at us from start to finish.  It felt like we were crawling the whole time.  To make it more discouraging it was mostly flat with fairly small hills during the entire ride.  Due to the difficulty of the Nevada weather we weren’t able to do as much as we would have liked.  We get through days like this thinking about all of those who have had to prove their strength in battles much more difficult than what we are faced with; such as Leukemia.  This gives us the strength and motivation to get back on the bike each day!  Like Brittany said to us once we finished, “everyday isn’t going to be perfect.” 

We finished the day about 40 miles east of Austin, Nevada where we pulled off the road to camp for the night.  Upon arrival it became apparent that we had settled down in what felt like a dust bowl.  The harsh winds faced while biking were now trying to collapse our tents and enter any open crevasse including: veggie burgers, tents, suitcases, laptop/camera bags, and the car (sorry Mrs. Trowbridge).  Brittany and Colin’s tent had to be blocked from the wind with the car because we weren’t sure if it was going to make it through the night.

Saturday 12

Mileage: 62.58

Average Speed: 15.6 mph

After a good nights sleep we were ready to get going.  Nothing too exciting happened today.  There were two really nice climbs right after Austin where we hit 7,484 ft and 7,148 ft both resulting in some great views from the summits.  Before leaving the small town of Austin, Alex wanted to clean up his wounds.  He entered the local sheriff’s office where he met Officer Derrick.  Derrick was kind enough to let Alex, Brittany, and Joe spend about an hour cleaning the increasingly gooey wounds.  He also gave some helpful advice about the switchbacks on the nearby mountains as well as his medical opinion regarding the scraped up Alex.  He mentioned that every year when people are biking cross-country, East to West, they go too fast down the switchbacks and glide right off the cliff because they are going too fast.  After hearing these stories we were happy that we were going up the mountains instead of coming down them.  About 50 miles west of Eureka, Nevada we pulled off the paved road onto a dirt one and set up camp.  It has been convenient that our route through Nevada has been so barren in that we can camp pretty much anywhere. 

Sunday 13

Mileage: 66.46

Average Speed: 16.2

You never know what each day will bring you, especially when traveling across country on a bicycle.  Today Colin and Joe were able to meet a fellow traveler from San Francisco biking towards Washington DC.  While talking to him they discovered that he had always wanted to embark on such a journey and was recently given the freedom to do so.  We seem to be following the same path cross-country, so hopefully we will meet up with him again.  For today though, we biked with him until reaching Eureka where Joe and Colin stopped to meet up with Alex and Brittany.  While they were biking Alex and Brittany were doing some “household chores.”  For earlier that morning all of our water bottles, bladders, and 5 gallon cooler had run dry.  Therefore, the first thing on the list was to fill up every possible container not knowing when the next opportunity would arise to do so.  After a few stops they were pointed in the direction of a small park.  They took advantage of the free water, did some dishes, and then headed off to clean three loads worth of sweaty and stinky clothes.  We camped on a side road that led to the base of some rolling hills.  After finding a flat spot among all the cow pies we were ready to rest and recover. 

Monday 14

Mileage: 64.28

Average Speed 16.3

After a cold night in the desert and about 10 miles of biking we hit 600 miles!  It is hard to believe we have gone this far already.  We have met some great people, seen some amazing views, and have only been traveling for about 2 weeks now.  Of course there have been some bumps along the way, however, we are still in great spirits and are still receiving donations thanks to all of you!

Today there were two climbs and then a great descent into Ely, Nevada.  We got a hotel for the night where Colin and Joe enjoyed the pool after a tough day of biking.  Alex was craving Burgers due to the diet of rice, corn, and beans so we went to a nice Bar and grill in town.  We hope to get a good nights sleep even with Joe getting up around 7 to watch the world cup while we have TV access.

It is great to hear that so many people are following our journey!  We will keep posting whenever we have internet access so stay tuned!      

With love,

Joe, Brittany, Colin, and Alex      

Dinner time

A beautiful sunset

Painted skies and snow covered mountains

Sadie, Bandit, Brittany, and Joe about to leave the campsite




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15 06 2010




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