Owies Unveiled!

15 06 2010

Yesterday, Alex gave us the OK to post pictures from his crash.  In the past two days his wounds seem to have improved immensely which has given him the hope of joining Colin and Joe within the next couple days.  Posted below are a series of pictures from the day of the crash to the progress made through the healing process.  For those who have weak stomachs, this gooey version of Alex may upset your tummy!  Proceed with caution!

"That was a good one!"

The side of Alex that hit pavement going 40+ mph

Alex in his brand new gown and trendy paper boxers

At least he still has his personality!

Cleaning the wounds

Day two

Right elbow

Scraped up leg - we didn't want to go any higher to show his hip!

His helmet did a good job protecting his head and now is in two pieces

Doctor Colin


Swollen hand and wrist

Healing skin and antibiotic ointment - not as bad as it looks, really!

Kind of looks like Africa?

Looking more Alex-like



Thanks to everyone who has been inquiring about Alex’s health.  It is greatly appreciated!




One response

23 06 2010
Yelena Leszczynsky

OUCH!!! Talk about road-rash! It is a wonderful thing that you guys thought to bring a doctor with you; good to always be prepared!
Happy Belated Birthdays guys!!!

Ride/drive safely!!!

Wishes of smooth riding, good health, and good company,

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