The Spotlight

5 07 2010

Earlier today, the four of us had a nice talk with our friend, Alyssa Jung, from the Saratoga County Spotlight.  She is doing a follow-up article on our journey thus far in connection to the one printed on May, 27, 2010.  We talked about some of the highlights of our trip and sent a few pictures her way.  We are so grateful that she is willing to do this and can’t wait to see how it turns out as the last one was beautifully written!  Look for the article in this Thursday’s Spotlight!

Take care,
Brittany, Joe, Colin, and Alex




5 responses

8 07 2010

hi guys!

yes the article is there today I even got copies saved for you guys just in case. It was a lovely article



9 07 2010
Shannon Breslin

Is there anyway you can post a link to the article?

11 07 2010
11 07 2010
Sheila Sweitzer

Elaine Kramer told me of your endeavors and passing through Indianapolis, Indiana on your way back home. We have a house where you all may stay, dog, too, if you wish. My husband and I are leaving for California on Thursday, July 22 and won’t return until the first of August. I hope we can accommodate you when you travel through Indianapolis. Please let us know!

15 07 2010
Terry Bergman

Sure you guys don’t want a refreshing Minnesota dip? A bit out of the way but Sam’s here to cook up a storm! LOVE you and thoroughly enjoying your blog!

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