New York, here we come!

30 07 2010

Canadian geese floating on Lake Eire

Mileage:  97
Average:  17.1 

The day started off like any other when leaving the comfort of someone else’s home.  We woke up slowly, ate breakfast and packed up the car.  Alex and Colin were prepared to get back on the bike after a restful two days off, while leaving Brittany behind to finish the posts and packing.  Thank you Meagher family for your hospitality as we crashed at your house longer than any others.  We wish we didn’t have to move on! 

Only about 5 miles into the ride, Colin and Alex realized they had missed their turn which added on a few miles to the days ride.  They were pretty excited that throughout the whole trip they haven’t taken very many wrong turns.  It is just one of those things you shake off and keep moving.  For a lot of the ride we rode through Amish country which was a nice experience.  There was so many horse and buggies going down the busy roads.  While Brittany was driving by them bandit was so intrigued.  Throughout the trip we have all taken turns interpreting bandit’s thoughts and feelings at any given moment.  Although Joe thought we were all nuts at first by the end of his time with us he was also giving bandit a voice.  Something else we discovered is that bandit has a fascination with horses.  Brittany interpreted Bandits thoughts while driving by a horse and buggy by attending to his face and reaction: “What is it, what is it, what is it, it’s so big, oh my gosh, what is it, what is it?!”  It was so neat to also see a young lady in a dress and bonnet using an old fashion push mower.  Colin was really curious about how long it takes her to mow the lawn with that.  To sum it up, it was really interesting biking through Amish country to see a different way of life and to experience their friendly demeanor towards each passerby with a big smile and wave. 

Later, we finally got to Harrisburg, Ohio which is where we decided to end for the day. Upon our completion of the ride we almost reached another century but were completely content with calling it a day at mile 97.  After 10 minutes of being confused on what we had to pay for the campsite we just decided it was $22.  Alex said “If they want more money, they can come and get it!”  For the rest of the night we called various people to tell them about our event upon our arrival to Burnt Hills and also to make sure Dave Jones, Mr. Walsh and Mr. Utz-Meagher were all ready to meet us out in Buffalo.  It was hard to believe that the following day we were going to be back into our home state, NEW YORK!     

Mileage:  94
Average:  19.8

After a good night of sleep, without sweating all night, we got going earlier then usual.  We are happy to be back in the northern part of the country because it has not been as humid.  It was so difficult getting into our tents at 10:00pm and not being able to sleep until midnight due to being drenched in sweat.  Anyone want to borrow our sleeping bags when we return? 

Today was quite an eventful day because we were in three different states.  We started about 20 miles outside of Pennsylvania and then we biked through Pennsylvania and ended in Dunkirk, New York.  It is sad to admit but when we started to see signs for I-90 in Pennsylvania we started to get really excited because that meant New York was close.  Even though all of us are so sick of I-90, because of how often we have driven on it going to and from school, we were thrilled to see it.  The ride seemed to fly by because we had a really nice tailwind pushing us along at about 23 mph.     

About 10 miles away from where we decided to camp for the night, we stopped at a beautiful overlook of Lake Erie.  There we took many pictures of the lake, geese and ducklings.  When we decided we should move on to the campsite, Colin heard air coming out of his tire and couldn’t believe he had another flat tire!  Quickly he changed his tube again and they were off.  Finally, we made it to Lake Erie State Park where Brittany had already secured a site for the night.  Our campsite had a nice view of the lake and the beach was within walking distance.  Bandit and Colin enjoyed a swim in the beautiful water of Lake Erie not knowing that there were working showers! 

Again, the remainder of the night involved calling friends and family about the event in Burnt Hills.  Alex was lucky enough to enjoy a nice long phone call with Coach Button.  We all miss him so much.  He is such an important person in each of our lives.  He has impacted our lives in so many ways and he was also an important figure for Eric Zagorda.  When Eric was first diagnosed with Leukemia we told Coach.  The news caused him to become quite distraught.  However, since Eric was always looking out for the people in his life, he tried to comfort Coach.  He said that Coach made him the strongest he could be to help him beat this disease.  That was Eric’s style. 

Mileage: 75
Average:  18.4 

Today was a pretty uneventful day.  We just wanted to push through it as quickly as possible because we were excited to have our group expanded.  Most of the ride was along Lake Erie which was absolutely beautiful.  When we were in Hamburg, New York we had a great view of Buffalo in the distance and we couldn’t believe that in about 40 miles we would be there.  The last part of our ride was kind of brutal from Orchard Park to Amherst where Colin’s brother and girlfriend live (Justin and Gwen).  We were on a four way road and there wasn’t much of a shoulder which made being on a bike quite difficult.  We realized quickly how much we missed country roads and that we hate biking in cities.  But shortly after going through north campus of Buffalo we were at Justin’s humble abode. 

After taking some much needed showers, we ordered a couple delicious pizzas.  Our friend, Taela Durst, lives in Buffalo and wanted to meet up with us.  We agreed that ice cream would be the best thing to enjoy together!  Taela, and her friend Courtney, met the three of us, Justin, and Gwen at Coldstone Creamery.  While we all ordered our treats, Taela was busy at the register paying for all of us!  You sneaky girl!  Thank you from all of us, it was delicious!  While talking and eating some frozen goodness, Alex received a call from Liz Montgomery, another friend from High School.  She was in the area and wanted to see us.  Before long, there was a large group gathered outside of the ice cream store.  Unfortunately, by that time, Mr. Utz-Meagher, Mr. Walsh, and Dave were waiting for us at Justin and Gwen’s apartment.  Before we knew it, we were saying our goodbyes and then giving welcoming hugs again!  It is great to familiar faces!

At the apartment, we gathered to share stories and catch up.  To our surprise, Champagne was brought so we shared a toast of congratulations and well wishes for the remainder of the journey.  The seven of us squatters found our square on the floor to call home for the night and quickly fell asleep. 


This morning, the five bikers headed towards the Eire Canal bike path that will lead us home!  In five days we will be celebrating our efforts along with everyone who has donated and supported us along the way at the fundraising event at the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School.  It is going to be a powerful sight to see friends, family, and community members biking down Route 50 in memory of Eric, Lauren, Shawn, and countless other’s whose lives have been affected by Leukemia and/or Lymphoma.  Hope to see YOU there! 

In enjoyment of new smiling faces,
Colin, Brittany, and Alex

Colin, Sadie, and Bandit enjoying the sunset over Lake Eire

The sun set fire to the clouds

The group after ice cream - Gwen, Justin, Taela, Brittany, Colin, Alex, Liz, and Laura

The guys ready to go - Alex, Mr. Utz-meagher, Dave, Colin, and Mr. Walsh




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