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20 05 2011

Bandit enjoying the snowy winter

It is hard to believe that about one year ago we were all graduating college and preparing for a trip of a lifetime.  Though our lives have all changes so much we continue to carry our experiences and memories with us wherever we go. 

Here is a quick update on what we have been up to since returning in August of 2010:

Alex James:

Since completing the bike trip, I have been on the move with extended stops inBurnt Hills,NY,Utica,NY,Hampstead,NC, and I am currently working for The University of Vermont as a Technical Support Specialist. Aside from enjoying the city ofBurlington, I recently got engaged my wonderful girlfriend Megan Reynolds and we are looking forward to the wedding in October. With the weather changing rapidly into summer, I hope to be able to utilize the close proximity to theGreen Mountainsand get back on the bike for some extended rides.

Colin Utz-Meagher:

Once the bike trip was over it was hard to settle back into reality.  I truly missed camping and biking daily.  However my body, more specifically my knee, felt otherwise.  Since the trip’s completion I have had a stubborn knee injury which has not significantly improved through rest or physical therapy.  My doctor thinks that my next step will have to be a diagnostic scope procedure.  On a happier note Brittany and I have been busy planning our wedding which is July 16th.  We are so excited and a little stressed with the thought of our wedding only being two months away. 

After finishing the trip I worked at the American Red cross for two months before starting work at Physical Therapy Associates as a medical office assistant.  Next year I hope to be going to either physician assistant or physical therapy school.  With warmer weather arriving I am excited to be able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. We already have some camping trips in our schedule!

Brittany Trowbridge:

Upon returning from our journey I quickly settled back in to begin preparing for a maternity leave position in 1st grade.  I had a wonderful experience, worked with an amazing team, and taught my little ones until the middle of January.  It wasn’t until that point when I began to have time to plan our wedding, which meant we had to put things in overdrive!  Details are continually coming together as we get closer to the date.  We are really looking forward to celebrating with so many of our family and friends!  Currently I am working at theBurntHillsVeterinaryHospital and enjoying all that I am learning.  With an exciting and fast paced summer on its way, relaxing around a campfire and hiking trips will be a wonderful way to slow down a little.  I can’t wait to see what this next chapter of my life will bring!

Joseph Pericone:

After finishing the bike trip I ventured on toQuito,Ecuador.  There I not only encountered a new and exciting culture but was fortunate enough to meet several lovable Ecuadorian families.  I taught several classes such as computers, English, health and music.  While I may not be cut out to be a teacher I definitely loved interacting with the children.  There is never a dull moment when working with kids, especially when you have the ability to foster not only a mentor relationship but one of friendship.  Recently, I just started a job as a mechanical engineer working for Bechtel.  I am excited to put my college education to good use while meeting new people.  I have also been hoping to be able to spend some of my weekends in theAdirondacks, enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer.

We also have a few awesome things to update everyone on; one of which is long delayed while the other is very recent.  After our donation site expired, which meant no more donations would be added to our total on the team in training website, we continued to receive contributions.  Once everything was sent in, the final dollar amount was $20,257 in Eric’s name!  That is more than double our original goal of $10,000!  Needless to say, we couldn’t be more grateful for everyone’s hard work to help us exceed our previous goal. 

The next round of good news was brought about by one of Eric’s friends from NortheasternUniversity: Marisa Levine.  Months ago she contacted Brittanyasking for permission to nominate The Eric Zagorda Tribute Bike Team for a special honor.  The Massachusetts GeneralHospitalCancerCenterholds an annual fundraiser honoring 100 groups or individuals “whose diligence and discoveries, philanthropy and passion have helped advance the fight against cancer.”  We thought that this was incredible for her to want to nominate us but didn’t think much of it after looking at the previous year’s honorees; which included the late senator Edward Kennedy.  To our surprise, we were contacted a few weeks ago asking if we would accept the honor of being one of The One Hundred.  We couldn’t have been more surprised and trilled.  They are giving us two complementary tickets to attend the event and we are going to purchase one more so that Alex, Colin, and Brittany can all go.  Unfortunately, Joe has to work and can’t miss a couple days.  The event is on June 1st at the Westin Boston Waterfront.  Thank you so much Marisa for your hard work and writing a great bio about our efforts.  You’re the best!  See the bio/picture on The One Hundred website:

We’ll write again about our experiences at the benefit!


Alex,Colin,Brittany and Joe

Alex and his fiance Megan!


Brittany and Colin


Joe and two of his students in Quito, Ecuador.




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