The Ride


We are associated with The Leukemia & Lymphoma society and are riding with the hope of raising a substantial amount of money for the cause in honor of Eric Zagorda. In the months preceding the start of our trip we will be participating in The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program for the “America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride” consisting of a 100-mile bike ride around Lake Tahoe. Our trip will begin in late May of 2010 with a long car ride – with our bikes strapped to the roof of course – from New York out to San Francisco. From San Francisco Colin, Joe, and Alex will begin a cross-country bike ride with Brittany following us in our car. Only after a few days on the road we will come to Lake Tahoe to take part in “America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride”. From there we will continue roughly 3,000 miles to Boston as shown by the map. Along the way we hope to inspire other individuals to donate to our cause as another means of raising money.



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22 04 2009
Tommy Durant

You’re going to have to start training for those Rocky Mountains…and I don’t think the Burnt-Hills will do, haha.

Good luck guys, I look forward to hearing about all of the amazing ideas you have this summer. Good luck with everything until then!

-Tommy Durant

2 06 2010
Kirstin Stamm

Hello Burnt Hills kids- through Elaine Kramer (Derek and Mikes mom) we found out about your journey. We live in Truckee, CA and would be delighted to put you up for a night or two on your way across the country. Americas most Beautiful bike ride is based out of the other side of the Lake but if you do need a place to crash, eat and or course shower please let us know. Good luck and we will be on the road cheering for you Sunday.

Hope to see you soon
-Kirstin Stamm and Derek Kramer

20 07 2010
Tim Brunson

Hope that the ride is going well for you all. What an amazing group you have and the entire BH-BL community is supportive of your cause. If possible, I was wondering if any of you might be available to speak to our students this fall (specifically at Leadership Day on 9/17). Good luck with the rest of your trip! Hope to hear back from you.

Thanks – Mr. Brunson

26 07 2010
Elaine James

Hi Alex, Colin and Brittany, I think about you every day and hope everything is going well. I am sure you are getting much closer to your destination. I have talked to your Dad and he keeps me updated as much as possible. You are all AWESOME people and I can’t say enough about your determination and dedication to a wonderful cause. I bet traveling without Joe has left an empty spot but I am sure you will meet up again in Burt Hills. Love to all of you Barb and Elaine

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